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We update our question bank with questions as often as possible. We make sure that freshly sourced questions are made available every time you visit the website. Also, our study materials are updated as frequently as possible.
Yes, you can pick up from where you stopped. We understand that you may need to take a break and log out to continue later. Whenever you log back in, and select the subject under which you were answering the questions, immediately you continue from EXACTLY where you stopped.
It means Question Statistics. It is attached to each question and shows the number of attempts made on that particular question by other users based on the option selected and the percentage of users that got the answer correctly.
After logging into your account, go to menu, then click on “MY ACCOUNT”. After the “MY ACCOUNT” page loads up, you will see “MCQ Mock Results” and “PICTURE TEST Mock Result” on the left, click on either of them and all your results from your previous mock tests in MCQS or PICTURE TEST will show up. Also you will get to see the highest score you’ve gotten since you started taking the mock tests
No, this website does not belong to MDCN. It’s an independent website. We have a team of experienced doctors and consultants working with us to ensure that questions and study materials displayed on here are of MDCN standards
YES, you can access and use the medituts website on all devices; laptops, mobile phones and tablets or iPads
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