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  • Our main focus is to make preparation for the MDCN exam to be easy and more sociable.
  • Our platform is the LARGEST and MOST RELIABLE question bank for the MDCN exam comprising of past MDCN questions and locally sourced questions from several Nigerian universities.
  • Using the high yield STUDY MATERIALS, MCQS, MOCK OSCE, PRACTICE VIDEOS that are frequently updated on the website, you can now study and prepare for the MDCN exam with ease from anywhere in the world.
  • Through our STUDY GROUP feature, you can now connect with like minds in your city, ask questions, share relevant information and prepare together for the MDCN exam…all happening on our platform!
  • Learn from your colleagues, you can now communicate with other users in the comment section attached to each question so as to have better insight to each answer provided.

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The MDCN exam is a mandatory Nigerian medical licensing exam for foreign trained medical doctors seeking to practice in Nigeria. It holds twice yearly (May and November) for a 2 days duration in any of the Nigerian cities designated by the MDCN management. The day 1 of the MDCN exam involves COMPUTER BASED TESTS (CBT) which includes MCQS of about 300 questions and PICTURES TESTS of about 40 questions while the day 2 of the exam involves OBJECTIVE STRUCTURAL CLINICAL EXAM (OSCE) which includes CLERKING, COUNSELLING, PHYSICAL EXAMINATION, WRITTEN AND ORAL STATIONS. The MDCN exam generally is aimed at testing candidates’ knowledge in general and tropical medicine majorly in obstetrics and gynaecology, medicine, surgery, pediatrics and public health (community medicine).

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  • Multiple MOCK OSCE questions available and frequently updated.
  • With over 3,500 MCQs and PICTURE TESTS available and updated frequently.
  • PRACTICE VIDEOS in clerking, counseling and physical examination are now available
  • Questions are arranged and categorized by subjects for easy access
  • Thorough explanations are provided to questions that many find confusing
  • Study with high yield study materials
  • You need to have a taste of how the main MDCN exam would be like, so we have provided a timed mock test (MCQS, PICTURE TEST and OSCE respectively) that simulates exactly how the main MDCN exam would be.

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